Massage to beat anxiety


One of the benefits of massage that are perhaps underplayed somewhat is the ability to help deal with a whole range of mental health issues that are becoming more prominent in today’s society such as depression and anxiety. With a whole range of different options it is quite surprising that for many the method of choice for massage therapy of late seems to be tantric massage to help combat problems including anxiety.

Most people will describe their involvement in tantric massage more as a journey of spiritual growth than a massage and it is thought by many to be the perfect way to achieve personal growth. Tantra therapy gives the client the opportunity to really reflect and learn about themselves and it is through the deep bond that takes places between tantric practitioner and client that allows then to break free from negative emotions such as anxiety. It is said to be a therapy that covers body, mind and spirit and therefore more of a complete experience that other massage therapies

This will depend on the relationship that evolves between practitioner and client as to how effective it can be at beating or controlling anxiety, but it is used by thousands to help manage, control and ultimately beat problems like this which are of a psychological nature.

There is also the erotic side to this therapy as well, which for many clients that take part in it is a pleasant bonus. Whether you are in search of a sensual tantric massage in London or whatever part of the world you may be in, tantra definitely does bring help to thousands of people around the world that suffer from mental issues as well as sexual and is fast becoming one of the most popular holistic treatments currently available to those looking for a non-medicinal option to treat such issues

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Why choose foot massage


Foot massage is gaining prominence in the country and this is a great thing. Some people think that because it is only the foot that is being massaged that this is where the focus of all the attention is but this really couldn’t be further from the truth. Your feet have many different pressure points which connect to different parts of the body and through a foot massage your masseuse can help many different issues within the body

One of the most known about is your circulation and this is does really help the feet in particular. These muscles do not get nearly enough attention and a good foot massage can be very beneficial, particularly for those that suffer from diabetes who should have more attention paid to this area.

Many people find that by going for a regular foot massage that they can also get some benefits with lowering their blood pressure. Although in many cases this is related to stress and diet in some people it seems to be more of a genetic thing. Studies have shown that people taking a regular foot massage not only get benefits for blood pressure but also with lowering blood pressure too.

Migraines and headaches have also shown to be improved in people taking refloxology treatments like foot massage making it a very powerful tool for people to use, and is side effect free which makes it even better!

Last but not least is the effect on one’ sex life. Although most people that are concerned with this are more likely to be seeking out erotic tantric massage therapy rather than foot massage it does seem that even a foot massage in a dimly lit room with some nice music in the background can be effective at getting the heart pumping and generating arousal between couples. Foot massage is not a cure all by any stretch but there are some great positives to be taken from a regular massage that’s for sure!

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Unusual but popular massage therapies


Many people use massage all the time nowadays as a way to relax and to stay supple and healthy, but usually you will hear them talk about the same types of massage such as sports, Swedish and deep tissue for example. These are very popular for a reason and that is because they are tried and tested for many different issues, although there are also others that are less well known but also popular for very different reasons.

One particular example would be prostate massage. Prostate cancer is something that affects about 1 in 6 American men and therefore anything that we can do whether it be through changing diet and lifestyle or whether it means having regular prostate massage, has got to be worth it as a way of hopefully preventing this. In the UK you will find many different parlours offering tantric or prostate massage in London although there are of course many places right across the country that have such massage techniques available.

As just mentioned another one is tantric massage (see Moment) therapy and this popular mainly for relaxation and also to aid men with some sexual difficulties that they may experience as they age. It is not always due to age and some younger men can also experience such problems as a result of stress or psychological issues. The focus of this therapy is not really just the massage but the connection between body, mind and spirit and focuses on the underlying problems.

Another lesser known technique is Indian head massage which as the name suggests focuses on the head but really can be a great way to relieve stress and tension in the body and this does seem to be gaining popularity across the UK. This makes it more accessible to those that are not mobile enough have a massage laying down for example making it more accessible to a lot more people

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